Poker and Skill Games Crossover

There has been a growing amount of interest in licensing deals across Europe recently, as gambling organisations shift their focus into European markets. Scandinavian poker and bingo sites seem to be popping up all over the place as Sweden is being seen as the biggest growth market at present. Swedish poker players also rank amongst the highest and best poker players in Europe. Spain however is not too far behind in terms of sites being launched and players contributing to European tournaments. The likes of Juega Poker Ya on the IPN Poker network for example, are enticing customers to pay and play, while enjoying the skill involved in poker. The Spanish Poker Championship also hit Valladolid on 23rd March 2007 with an all Spanish final table leading to a winning amount of 1900 euros for one lucky Spanish player. The European Poker Tournament will also hit Barcelona in August 2007 adding fuel to the Spanish poker phenomenon.

Spanish residents love skill games, and with poker riding the thin line between being classed as a skill game or a gambling game, it is not too difficult to see the potential in cross marketing skills games with poker sites.

Of Spain’s 19 million internet users, some 8 million play some form of skill game online every day, whether simple flash based games like Sudoku, or more complex downloadable action based games. Couple that with the gambling market in Spain set to reach some 39 billion Euros by 2010, and it is easy to see that there is a lot of money to be made in cross selling to online gamers.

Cross-selling can at times be a bit of trial and error. Many poker players for example might enjoy a night out at a casino, but they may not enjoy playing online Sudoku or other similar web based skill game for example?

Achieving the right deal with the right licensing arrangements is important when establishing a skill game to poker crossover. Virgin Games for example have a high proportion of players on their games site that also crossover to play poker and bingo online. Virgin see their role as providing entertainment to customers, the consequences of which should encourage people to stay on the site longer, and eventually discover pay to play online poker. Virign have developed many brands and games which keep customers interested and playing long enough to get a good feel for those brands, and then increase trust in paying to p lay other games.

Discovering what helps acquire and retain a customer is the most difficult aspect of any form of online poker marketing. The cost of acquiring players can reach into hundreds of pounds, yet the long term benefit of retaining that customer is obvious.

Poker sites that have a large database of players and that have good back-end management software can gain some idea of the other types of softer games that their customers enjoy playing. It is important not to cross sell the same product to everyone in the database, but to research and select games relevant to the right person.

Developers love designing skill games. There is nothing more exciting than transferring a set of characters and a narrative over to a game with feature rich cutting edge graphics. Designing a poker site can be similar, as the graphics and technology that drive the games are becoming more advanced and more complex.

So, iif you get the right deal and licensing strategy, it is possible to create a skill game that provides a good relation to playing poker and also enables you to achieve brand trust to entice players onto your poker site.

A licensing agreement with a brand to offer skill games is not necessarily a direct line to making money. It is not just a question of making a good looking game and to throw most winning ingredients at it in order to make your mark. It is about being selective in terms of the design elements of the game, in terms of how the game is to be played and how you engage different types of players into a complete skill experience to make them want to return for more.

Using Paypal To Play Online Poker And Casinos

Know your poker game, know your brand, and know your online funding options, 3 keys to playing an enjoyable game of online poker at any of the online poker rooms.

Playing poker is one of the most incredible and popular past times of any online game available around the world. It is enjoyable, and fulfills the need for competition while using a strategy and thought which fulfills any person’s intellectual needs. This challenging and enjoyable game requires a firm strategy, a reputable poker room, and a starting bankroll. Every one of the online poker rooms has their methods to fund registered accounts. Knowing which one is best for you, is as fundamental as knowing the bankroll management basics.

Most online poker rooms and subsequently the online casino industry as well, fund the accounts by us of what are known as E-Wallets. Commonly known E-Wallets include NETeller, Click2Pay, Firepay and others. Some of the biggest online casinos accept paypal as a deposit option. Each one of these take a bank account number and use it to funnel your money from the E-Wallet to where ever you chose. Each of them are accepted on various online poker sites as well as many online shopping locations. They provide a form of security and protection not available to all credit card users. This e-wallet choice facilitates anonymity not otherwise available online.

Recently one of the most well known business oriented E-Wallets has been reintroduced to the online gaming and poker industry. Pay Pal originally partnered with E-bay the online auction powerhouse, is now owned there by. Under the purchasing agreement eBay took full control of marketing the brand and its uses. The market expansion has proven lucrative to the eBay International Auction Company. It is not uncommon to see the PayPal logo as the preferred choice of many online retailers in the United States, Europe and around the globe. Because of this successful marketing and business relationships many companies now seek the PayPal logo as a source of security and integrity. This valued brand recognition and impressive market share opens the online poker rooms to many opportunities. By accepting PayPal again they are also opening themselves to an online community of retailers and players not otherwise able to compete.

The PayPal logo has become an international brand. This brand is now being accepted in more and more online poker rooms, enabling the online poker enthusiast seeking as secure familiar way to fund their bankroll to do so. This impressive addition to their already booming alternatives will only aid the online poker industry and online poker rooms with continued revenue and growth. Online poker players will now be able to turn to their favorite company for security and safety with their money as they transfer into their bankroll and out of at will. The cash out process will be more streamlined as will be the funding process, with time tables only available through PayPal. The coupling of security, integrity and online poker rooms will be reassuring to all of the online poker players who enjoy the international competition.

Finding Good Slot and Casino Gaming Sites on the Internet

You have very likely heard about people playing poker, slots and other online casino games; however you may not know where to go to find these games. Some of the sites are either pay sites or ones that you have to be invited to join, however there are some sites that you can find that you can play for free.

Going to your favorite search engine and typing in free virtual slot sites or other free online sites for other casino games should bring up several choices; this means you can be playing your favorite games online in just a matter of a few moments.

Finding the best sites can be a little difficult since there are so many from which to choose so you want to make sure that you check out each site thoroughly, especially for those do have money involved in some way. It is always a good idea to check each sites privacy policy to find out if they collect private information, how they collect it and what they do with it once it has been collected; make sure they do not sell your email address so that you will not start to get a ton of spam.

Often time’s these sites will offer some kind of special deal or free games to get you into their site, just be sure that you real all of the fine print to make sure that you are not buying into any kind of a subscription deal that you may not want. There are many sites that do offer really good deals so try not to waste too much time on the ones that only offer something really small or insignificant.

Another think to keep in mind is that many sites will offer to let you play some free games but only after you have opened an account with them. And, sometimes you will have to deposit money with them or give them your credit card information so be sure you check it out carefully. Some sites will ask you to open an account in order to play and say they will not charge your card so, again, make sure you read everything thoroughly to make sure that you understand it completely.

Some of those sites that require you to open an account will still offer deals such as matching the amount that you deposit with them. Say you open an account with them and deposit $50, they will in turn match that $50 and you will then have $100 with which to play. You can also visit different chat sites and forums relating to gaming and specifically online slots and casino games as they can be a valuable source of information when you are looking for the best sites. This can also be very helpful if you are looking for any tips that can help you increase your winnings.

There are plenty of good gaming sites on the Internet; you just need to take the time to check them out before deciding which one you want to play on.

Poker, Blackjack, And Casino Game Tips

Gamblers, whether they play roulette, poker blackjack, or any other card game, knows it takes a mixture of luck and skill to be successful. Whether someone plays these games in a friends garage, in a casino, or online, they are played very similar and it takes a lot of the same things to win.

A lot of people think that when they start to place a bet they are relying solely on luck, but that is definitely not the case. For instance, poker requires players to be very controlled in both their body movements and facial expressions.

Discipline is absolutely necessary to be successful in card and casino games. You must keep the mindset that your success does not rely solely on luck. Successful players adjust their discipline according to the game they are currently playing. They use a different kind of discipline to play a limit card game than a no-limit card game. It is vital that you trust your skills, expect to win, and know when to quit.

A good card player must know the mathematics and general probabilities present in the game they are playing. It is also important to be able to figure out the odds of the pot so that you know about what percentage you have of winning a hand. The math skills you will use in card games is the most basic math and can be done by anyone but it is a good idea not to start betting until you can actually use that math while playing the game.

Understanding risk versus reward is highly important. You need to know how much money you have available to spend, how much you can afford to spend on each hand, and the probable return on that hand. The question you must ask yourself: does the risk outweigh the reward or vice-versa?

Finally, understand that you will lose occasionally, no matter what your skill level. All players will win and lose during their playing career, even professional players. Learn from your losses and move on.